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Frequently Asked Questions 

about Creative Data Insights

Why is a rigorous Product Management approach important?

Because true innovation is a moving target. The most innovative products have traction because they asked good questions, collected meaningful data, learned along the way and evolved in many small steps. Product Management is a consensus building process that keeps your team aligned on the most important aspects of your customer’s needs. Very few would disagree that if you understand your market very well, this is a great foundation for meaningful innovation.

How does Product Management support Sales?

Sales people are critical stakeholders in the product management lifecycle because they are closest to the front lines with prospective and actual customers. An effective Product Management process will incorporate sales people in much of the strategy setting and decision making. A good outcome from the Product Management process is having a product introduction method that hooks your prospects' interest quickly.

How does Product Management support Marketing?

One of the most important outcomes of a great product management practice is knowing what customer problems need to be addressed and how. Customer problems can be very subtle and customer behaviors may be unconscious.  When these problems are well understood, Marketing teams can create messaging that really resonates with their target audience.

What qualifications does CDI have to consult companies on Product Management tools, processes and skills?

Our team leader has several decades of professional product related experience in building scalable, well designed and successful digital products. Jeff is Pragmatic Institute certified along with a list of technical and Agile certifications. We are confident that we have the experience and bench depth to assist any small or medium sized business with their digital product journey. Businesses with a B2B software product are our specialty.

What does a typical service engagement look like?

This is not easy to answer because engagements are always tailored to the company’s needs. We have done single day engagements for a specific task, and we have done months-long engagements that spanned multiple releases. Best bet is to open a conversation with Jeff and talk about your challenges. We will craft a strategy that alleviates your issue in a way you can afford.

We are a startup. Can we afford you?

Yes. Having been involved in several startups as co-founder, we understand the limited resources of a startup. We have several services available for startups, allowing them to access experienced product managers at a very affordable, no commitment cost. Engagements can be short with specific deliverables or more broad and process change focused.

Do you provide Product Management coaching and team leadership workshops?

Product Management roles are increasing along with the maturity of Agile processes. We have significant experience in this role and can help businesses get an understanding of what product management is and how it can accelerate their business. A short consulting engagement may be very helpful to level-up your team’s skills and processes, and get your momentum back.

We already have a Product Management team, but we are j​ust swamped. Can you help us with a specific challenge?

If you need some extra hands to help out with talking to customers, writing requirements, creating mockups, or working with design and development to ship software we can be a great resource. CDI has a deep bench of talent to bring to an engagement.

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