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David Schaub interviews Jeffrey Raugh on getting sales unstuck. By using an analytics approach to managing your customer's journey you have a method to measure Product Market Fit.

Understanding your customer requires diligence

November 4, 2022

It surprises me to meet teams that say that they have Product Market Fit but don't even know their Net Promoter Score trends. Understanding customers isn't a one-time event and it isn't just a feeling. To show that you have PMF you need to demonstrate with a story, backed up by numbers.

In this recent podcast by WNY Entrepreneur leader David Schaub, I discuss how Founders may approach measuring and managing their customer experience. Regardless if your SaaS platform is B2B or B2C, the way that your users feel about your product matters. Your growth prospects are limited until you can get consistent, positive praise from users.

When you have consistently high NPS scores, a decreasing Cost of Acquisition and consistent recurring growth, then you can say you have PMF.

Feel free to connect with me here on this site so we can discuss ways that I can help you accelerate your growth.

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